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Version: 1.34

Connect MLFlow

With the MLFlow integration you can deploy models and explainers to Deeploy that are available in your own MLFlow model registry. You can make use of MLFlow's model stages or deploy specific model versions.

Connect MLFlow

The MLFlow integration is controlled on team level. Admins can set up the integration on the Integrations page, which is part of the Admin panel. Click Connect on the MLFlow card to set up the integration.


In order for Deeploy to communicate with your MLFlow tracking server there are a few requirements:

  • Deeploy needs to be able to reach the server, for Deeploy private cloud this means available in the same VPC and for Deeploy cloud it needs to be publicly accessible
  • Authentication needs to be enabled, which can be enforced by starting the tracking server with the --app-name basic-auth argument attached.
  • MLFlow version >=2.5.0

Best practices

Give Deeploy the least access possible when connecting to your MLFlow server. In practice, this means having or creating a read-only user.