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Version: 1.37


March 2024

DateComponentHighlights and changes
29-03-2024Deeploy Python Client 1.37.0 PyPi, GitlabAdded the bias auditor, support for advanced prediction filters, support for GPUs, environments variables and arguments for your Deployments
28-03-2024Deeploy Private Cloud 1.37.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes

February 2024

DateComponentHighlights and changes
26-02-2024Deeploy Private Cloud 1.36.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes
26-02-2024Deeploy Python Client 1.36.0 PyPi, GitlabGet repository id from local git config, add Deployment arguments for transformers, update dependencies

January 2024

DateComponentHighlights and changes
27-01-2024Deeploy Private Cloud 1.35.1: Gitlab, HelmCustom compliance templates and event pagination fixes
24-01-2024Deeploy Python Client 1.35.0 PyPi, GitlabDrop support for creating deployments via local git config, restructure creating deployments for different deployment backends.
24-01-2024Deeploy Private Cloud 1.35.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes

December 2023

DateComponentHighlights and changes
11-12-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.34.1: Gitlab, Helm🐛 fixes for creating notifications, additionaly prevents certain alerts and monitoring crashes
01-12-2023Deeploy Python Client 1.2.2 PyPi, Gitlab🐛 Lowered supported Python version (<3.11) to address cuda dependencies issue.
01-12-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.34.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes

November 2023

DateComponentHighlights and changes
30-11-2023Deeploy Python Client 1.2.1 PyPi, Gitlab✨ The Python Client now includes a CLI to generate templates for custom Docker deployments and supports deployments to Azure Machine Learning and from MLFlow
08-11-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.33.1: Gitlab, HelmFixes GCP configuration that could result in missing credentials
01-11-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.33.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes

October 2023

DateComponentHighlights and changes
18-10-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.32.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes

September 2023

DateComponentHighlights and changes
18-09-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.31.1: Gitlab, HelmHelm chart fixes on annotations and crd namespace
05-09-2023Deeploy Private Cloud 1.31.0: Gitlab, HelmFor all changes see Release notes

August 2023

DateComponentHighlights and changes
16-08-2023Deeploy CloudDrift monitoring and alerts are now available and will be released soon for Deeploy Private Cloud

July 2023

DateComponentHighlights and changes
23-07-2023Deeploy CloudIt is now possible to upgrade your plan to Deeploy Scale via the billing page for increased usage limits

Legacy releases