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Version: 1.34

Deploying custom Docker images

Deeploy allows you to deploy custom Docker images.

Reference the Docker image

To deploy a custom Docker image, you need to reference the image in your Repository using a reference.json file. This is further explained in Repository Requirements.

This is an example of a reference.json file for a custom Docker image:

# this reference is used in example repository:
"reference": {
"docker": {
"image": "deeployml/example-custom-image-hello-world:0.3.0",
"port": 8080
imageThe link to a Docker Image, including the tagexample/image:1.2.3
uri (optional)The URI on which to request predictions/model:predict
portThe port number to expose8000

Adding Docker credentials

If the Docker image requires credentials to access, add the credentials through the Deeploy front-end, as explained in Docker image credentials.

Deploy the custom Docker image

Follow the steps outlined in Creating a Deployment. Make sure to select the custom docker option as your model, explainer or transformer framework.