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Version: 1.36

Configure your database

A PostgreSQL database is required for Deeploy Core to serve as the backend for Deeploy's APIs, log storage, and event storage. We can use the Cloud SQL instance created in Configure your GCP Cloud Resources to create two databases for Deeploy. It's important to note that these database names are predefined, as Deeploy is designed to interact with them specifically.

The commands below can be used in both databases, but more options for your database can be found in the Google Cloud SQL PostgreSQL Documentation.

gcloud sql databases create deeploy --instance=<NAME>
gcloud sql databases create deeploy_kratos --instance=<NAME>

To confirm that your databases have been created, use the following command:

gcloud sql databases list --instance=<NAME>

The databases have been created with a public database schema, which is required for Deeploy to work correctly.