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Version: 1.38


Release notes

✨ Major new features

  • Compliance checklist templates
    Configure compliance checklists in order to automate your compliance workflow in the Compliance templates of your Workspace. We've already created two examples for you to use for your Deployments!

  • Rework integrations
    Configure integrations on their dedicated configuration page to use multiple configurations of the same integration. Assign the integration to your Workspace(s) by managing the integration's permissions.

  • Deployment overview updates
    Use the new Deployment navigation bar to navigate to specific Deployment pages, navigate back using breadcrumbs, or visit the new pages for compliance templates, container logs, alerts, prediction log, tokens and code snippets.

  • Hugging Face models and XAI for LLMs
    You can now use a new deployment framework for Hugging Face models. Select one of two standard explainers, saliency or attention based. Dive into the activations of tokens based on the provided model output using these new explainers.

  • Weekly summary email
    Receive a weekly email as an admin that includes information on predictions, alerts and other information for the current active Deployments. This email gets sent to you every Monday as a recap of the last week.

🛠️ Other changes

  • Blob storage is now supported by containerized model and explainer images.
  • Credential selection state is maintained for both Docker and blob credentials for a Deployment
  • Directly invite new users to a Workspace via the team management page
  • Add slack notifications for alerts
  • Refreshing page after creating/updating a deployment is no longer needed when navigating between deployment pages
  • Removed the option to disable KServe as Deployment backend in the Helm chart.
  • Add time window and bin size for traffic alerts

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with alerts not being triggered that have a small minimum sample size
  • The button for deleting credentials is no longer displayed for Workspace operators
  • Fixed multiclass classification issues with shap explainer