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Version: Cloud


To install Deeploy Core, you will need to prepare the following tools/permissions:

Get your Deeploy license key

Visit MyDeeploy and create an account to purchase a license. Licenses purchased through MyDeeploy include a 14-day free trial. In order to create your account you need a valid credit card that will be used for the billing. You will be billed per hour only when using Deeploy. Your MyDeeploy account includes a dashboard to monitor your costs over time.

Overview of the installation steps

To complete the GCP, we structured this guide in the following way:

  1. Configure the GCP cloud Resources Detailed steps to configure the GCP cloud resources using the recommended installation. This step requires knowledge about configuring the following GCP resources: GKE, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, GCS, KMS and Networking. (1 hour)
  2. Configure the Database Instructions to prepare the database for installation of the Deeploy Software Stack. This step requires SQL knowledge. (5 mins)
  3. Retrieve the SMTP credentials Instructions to retrieve the right credentials from your SMTP provider. (5 mins)
  4. Install the Deeploy core software stack Instructions to deploy the Deeploy stack using helm and the Deeploy container images. This step requires knowledge about Kubernetes and Helm. (30 mins)
  5. Configure DNs Instructions to configure you custom domain using your DNS provider. (10 mins)
  6. Configure TLS Detailed instructions to create TLS certificates and/or set up automated TLS certificate renewal with cert-manager. This step requires networking knowledge. (20 mins)
  7. Verify installation Instructions to check if the installation was successful.