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Version: Cloud


Release notes

✨ Major new features and improvements

  • Additional performance monitoring metrics
    We improved our monitoring with additional monitoring metrics! On top of that, we created new ways to monitor your Deployment using our monitoring cards and bins to improve your experience with visualizing your Deployments' data.

  • MLFlow
    Deploy your MLFlow models and explainers on Deeploy using our new MLFlow integration! You can make use of MLFlow's model stages or deploy specific model versions.

  • Deployment overview
    The new Deployment overview offers a better insight in your Deployments. Check out the alerts triggered in the last 24 hours, or get an overview of your Responsible Deployment progress for all Deployments in your Workspace.

  • UI changes
    The response time for requests is presented in seconds instead of milliseconds Removed the possibility to archive Repositories Added the possibility to redeploy Deployments without any changes

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues during installations on Google (GCP, GCS, GKE)
  • The password requirements in the sign-up flow are always visible during input
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong event name was visible when viewing logs from an event
  • Inference errors are again saved on your prediction log
  • You can update your AWS credentials for SageMaker
  • Fixed a bug where Deployments that used a deleted branch could not be updated