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Version: Cloud

Compliance templates

Paid feature

This feature is exclusive to teams on a Private Cloud plan. To learn more about plans, refer to our pricing page.

Workspace owners and reviewers can add custom documentation templates to a Workspace. Navigate to the Compliance page under the Management section in the menu to manage compliance templates.

Adding a template

Click Add to open the Add a template window. Choose a name and add a description for the template. Click Download to get a copy of the .csv template file. The template has been pre-filled with example input. Replace the example input with the questions that you want to include in your documentation template. Optionally, assign a question to a category or add a subtitle.


If the category column is left completely empty, questions are not grouped at all. If you leave the category column empty only for some questions, those questions are automatically grouped into a category called 'other'.

Save the template file, and upload it in the Add a template window. After clicking Save, the template is now available as a documentation insight for all Deployments within the Workspace.

Template state

To manage changing compliance needs, it's possible to deactivate templates. Click the action button and select Deactivate. Documentation insights based on deactivated templates are available in read-only mode in Deployments, but can no longer be edited. To reactivate a template, click the action button and select Activate.

Deleting a template

Click the action button and select Delete. Keep in mind that this action cannot be reversed. Once a template is deleted, any documentation insights based on the template are also no longer available.