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Version: 1.37

User authorization

Deeploy provides various levels of user authorization, allowing different user roles to perform specific actions within the platform. The following tables outline the actions that can be performed by each user role in Deeploy.

License management

Invite users
Edit user authorizations
Delete users
Create a Workspace

Team management

Update team
Upgrade team (plan)
Downgrade team (plan)
Delete team

Workspace management

Manage Workspace members
Edit Workspace settings
Delete the Workspace
Change Deployment owner
Manage credentials (keychain)
Create Deployments
Manage Repositories
Restore Deployments
View the Workspace
Interact with Deployments

Deployment management

Edit Deployment details
Change Deployment owner
Update Deployments
Delete Deployments
Restore Deployments
Manage Deployment tokens
Manage Deployment alerts
View Deployment events
Interact with the Deployment