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Version: Cloud

Subscribe to the Deeploy listing on the AWS Marketplace or MyDeeploy

The simplest way to provision Deeploy for AWS customers is via our AWS Marketplace listing. AWS Marketplace subscriptions are billed by the hour and do not require you to purchase a separate license. You can also purchase a license directly through Deeploy using MyDeeploy.

You will not be charged any fee until you successfully started Deeploy and the 14 day trial has ended, after which you are billed hourly. Your subscription will be listed in the AWS license manager and the license fee will become part of the AWS bill. To get started view and subscribe to our AWS Marketplace listing.

Estimation of costs

The costs can be divided in two parts, both invoiced by AWS:

  1. License cost (billed hourly or monthly)
  2. Infrastructure costs. We always advise to double-check the indications of the costs using the AWS cost calculator:
    • EKS (required):
      • EKS Cluster: $0.10
      • Node pool (3 t3.large nodes): $0.096 * 3 = $0.288
    • RDS for PostgreSQL (required, db.m3.medium): $0.225
    • S3 (optional, but recommended in order to keep the EKS cluster stateless): $0.01
    • KMS (required): $0.001