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Version: 1.38

Install the Deeploy software stack

This repository contains detailed instructions for installing the Deeploy Core software stack. Here, you will find all the necessary scripts to configure the dependencies (Istio, Knative, and cert-manager), as well as the installation process for the Deeploy Core Helm chart.

Follow the steps outlined in the repository's readme. For the latest stable Helm chart installation of Deeploy Core, we recommend checking After adjusting the values, deploy the Deeploy stack. The resulting command should look something like:

helm repo add deeploy-install
helm repo update
helm install deeploy deeploy-install/deeploy --file values.yaml --namespace deeploy --create namespace deeploy --version <VERSION>

AWS values

Alter the AWS Marketplace values example or AWS values example for your Helm installation.


Make sure to regularly upgrade your Deeploy installation. Specific instructions are listed in the release notes (tags). The upgrade process consists of two steps:

  1. Infrastructure update (e.g., upgrade EKS Kubernetes version)
  2. Switch to a new version of Deeploy:
    • Patch (e.g., 1.20.1 to 1.20.2), small changes often a result of a bug fix
    • Major release (e.g., 1.20.1 to 1.21.0), larger (visual) changes that can include infrastructure changes

MyDeeploy license registration

When you install Deeploy for the first time, the Deeploy helm chart will register your license key (runPreInstall: true). In case you have to change your license key or run the cluster registration manually, you can find the instructions here. For AWS Marketplace installations, registering a license through MyDeeploy is not necessary.