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Version: 1.38

Deployment overview

The Deployment overview serves as the front page of a Workspace, providing a comprehensive view of all Deployments within it. All members of the Workspace have the ability to both view and access any Deployment present in the Workspace.

Deployment overview item


Arrange Deployments in the sequence that best suits your preferences. Use the handle to reposition a Deployment by moving it up or down the list.


Grasp the status of Deployments within your Workspace with a quick glance. There are three statuses to be aware of:

GreenHealthyDeployment is ready to use
RedFailedInitial deployment or update failed
BlueDeployingDeployment is actively deploying


Monitor the number of alerts triggered in the last 24 hours. Click to easily access notifications related to the triggered alerts.

Compliance progress

View the weighted average of the compliance checklist completion in a percentage. Click to conveniently access the insights and discover ways to enhance the compliance of your Deployment.


Efficiently assess the activity level of your Deployment in the last 24 hours. For more detailed monitoring of activities, navigate to the Deployment Monitoring page.